30 September 2020, Wednesday, 9:02
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Pavel Yukhnevich: Let Us Be Braver

Pavel Yukhnevich: Let Us Be Braver

It is important to communicate more with people.

Parliamentary candidate Pavel Yukhnevich received the first warning from the elections commission in the Pushkinski electoral district # 103 in Minsk. The other day, the European Belarus activist from together with his team held several pickets, but his associates did not have official certificates. On October 22, he was summoned to a meeting of the election commission, Euroradio reports.

The official certificates had not yet been physically provided to the members of Yukhnevich’s team, but the candidates were allowed to campaign from the moment they received the candidate certificate. And Yukhnevich has it.

“They gave me a warning,” said Pavel Yukhnevich. “Because the people at the picket were without the certificates of authorized representatives. There could not be any certificates, since they had not yet been approved by the commission. And I received them only today. The law gives me the right to start campaigning immediately after receiving the certificate of a parliamentary candidate”.

Pavel Yukhnevich adds that the warning was not a surprise to him. The European Belarus activist admits that comments will be made to him as well, as “the authorities have begun to eliminate uncomfortable candidates.”

“Opposition candidates should expect warnings for nobody knows what, and withdrawal from the “election” in general,” Yukhnevich says. “I am appealing to all parliamentary candidates, in Minsk and beyond - let us be braver! The authorities are already violating the law, everyone knows how the “elections” are held, but, first of all, let's talk to people.”