25 November 2020, Wednesday, 23:20
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Volha Nikalaichyk: Where Is Our 1000 Euros?

Volha Nikalaichyk: Where Is Our 1000 Euros?

The slogan that comes out of every window.

The Charter97.org website publishes a powerful speech by director Volha Nikalaichyk, which will never be shown on state channels:

- My name is Volha Nikalaichyk. I am a former candidate for deputy. I was deprived of my registration because I was harshly criticizing the government.

For 25 years, our country has been in the clutches of an usurper, in the clutches of a gang that has deprived people of the chance for a decent and dignified life in Belarus. During the Soviet times we had only 45 thousand people in uniform and with shoulder straps. Today there are 400 thousand of them. Imagine who can feed them? What kind of a nation?

Most Belarusians who know foreign languages and can afford it work in Europe. The minimum they get is 1000 euros in Poland. Where is our 1000 euros? Why don't the Belarusians get such money in their Motherland? Why do we get 3-4 times less?

It's because we have a flock of corrupt officials sitting on our necks, who can't get enough. Moreover, they want to take money from us for not having a decent job. We have to pay the unemployment tax. This is a slap in the face of our hard-working Belarusian people.

It looks ridiculous when they raised the minimum subsistence budget by 92 kopecks and public transport by 10 kopecks. It turns out that the authorities have put one ticket for public transport in our consumer basket, and millions in their pockets and jars, which are hidden under their beds.

We have built a nuclear power plant in Astravets. We have taken a loan of 10 billion dollars from Russia. Belarus has become an economic and political colony of Russia. Lukashenka is bogged down in Russian loans, and our children will have to pay off the debts.

The investments that will allow people to build new enterprises, create new technologies, open new universities and colleges will come into our safe and honest hands only after the victory.

We are activists of the European Belarus civil campaign, standing all over the country with pickets. Under European and white-red-white flags, under the coat of arms of Pahonia. Join us, we will change the regime together in 2020. Today, it can be heard from every window: "Lukashenka, resign! We hate dictatorship!" Long Live Belarus!