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Video Fact: An Employee of Brest Kindergarten Mentioned While Ballot Box Stuffing

Video Fact: An Employee of Brest Kindergarten Mentioned While Ballot Box Stuffing

Anastasia Kulichkova, a teacher and psychologist at a kindergarten, was a probable ballot rigger. 

A young woman came out of the voting booth holding a pile of ballots. The observer Yury Vashchenchuk stopped her and asked: "Excuse me, how many ballots do you have in your hands?"

The video shows that the voter has a stack of paper sheets in her hands. He asked to see the ballots and asked: "Who gave you so many ballots?"

The woman was silent, Salidarnasts writes.

- Where did you get them from? It will be very easy to find you! the observer asked persistently.

At that time someone said: "Please, leave the room".

The voter went to the door, and the observer warned that she had left her data. He shot her on video, and the prosecutor's office would be interested.

According to the campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections", it happened at polling station No. 37 in Brest-Eastern election district No. 3.

Euroradio found a possible ballot rigger-loser. Anastasia Kulichkova works as a teacher and psychologist in a kindergarten, located 50 meters from that polling station.

For some reason, the chairman of the precinct election commission - Tatsiana Alekseevna Mosina - is the director of the kindergarten.


The curator of the BSEU forced students to vote early

The video was sent to the editorial office of Radio Svaboda. It was shot on the afternoon of November 13. It was the meeting of students of one of the departments of the BSEU.

- You must do it before Sunday," curator Oksana Aniskevich told students. - Why? Because then the head of the department Laptionok and the dean's office will be bothered. I don't want my group, me and everyone else to be punished because of this.

The curator specified that everything is strictly monitored. Aniskevich added that it wasn't her idea.

On youtube.com the video collected several thousand views. People resent: "When does the aiding the election fraud become a civic duty? This confusion exists in all spheres of life.

Commentators urge students not to listen to the curator: "Let these people compromise. You have the right not to listen to them at all. I never participated in these activities during my school or university years and they did nothing to me.

Meanwhile, the polling station with the high turnout prohibited photo and video footage.

On the first day of early voting, the observer Aliaksei Loika reported on a ten-fold difference in the used ballots at the two polling stations.

On November 13, the second day of early voting, members of the commissions working at three polling stations in Minsk school No. 159 decided to prohibit taking pictures to exclude a possible "leak" of information.

The campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" stresses that such actions of commission members are illegal, do not meet the electoral legislation and the principles of openness and publicity of the elections.

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