1 October 2020, Thursday, 22:24
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Observers: What Happens At Minsk Voting Stations Is Just Nonsense

Observers: What Happens At Minsk Voting Stations Is Just Nonsense

The latest news about falsifications.

The For Freedom Movement reports that their observers are being removed for doing their jobs.

During early voting five observers were removed from the polling stations in Minsk Uskhodniaya consistuency №107.

Yauhen Baltramun was removed for making a photo of the ballot box seals, Uladzimir Shyla - for talking to international observers, Andrei Rohau - for calling the police, Aleh Korban - at the request of pro-government observers, Hanna Tolchykava - for sharing information about falsifications with journalists.

Hanna Tolchykava was pushed out of the voting station with threats to involve the police. On the first day of early voting the observer counted 30 people who voted at the polling station, and at the end of the day the number 130 appeared in the protocol, Salidarnasts reports.

The movement's observers recorded an overestimation of voter turnout at five polling stations of the constituency by 3-4 times. There was a six-fold falsification of voter turnout at 565 polling stations!

At four polling stations, the observers called the police, who refused to carry out their duties, threatening the representatives of the For Freedom movement with administrative responsibility for false information.

Andrei Rohau, an observer of the movement, who denounced falsifications, was deprived of accreditation for insulting the commission chairman.

The observer explained in an interview with Radio Svaboda that he called the commission chairman a criminal and accused him of violating the Criminal Code.

- I told him: you will be in prison today or tomorrow, - Rohau said.

The observer called the police himself and asked them to check whether the turnout was violated 6.5 times. According to him, the police said that the results of the check-up would be reported to him within 10 days. The observer was not satisfied with it, as the check-up could be done on the spot, and in 10 days the elections will be over. Rohau wrote a statement about rigging the election to the prosecutor's office.