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Heroes Day 2019

Heroes Day 2019

Belarusians recall with gratitude the heroes of the Slutsk uprising.

Chairperson of the BPR Rada Ivonka Survila has published an appeal on the occasion of the Slutsk uprising anniversary, Radio Racyja informs:

- Dear Compatriots Belarusians!

As every year in this month of autumn, Belarusians recall and honor with gratitude the glorious Slutsk residents who went to fight under the white-red-white flag for their piece of land. They went to die so that Belarus lives!

This November, the reburial of Kalinouski and other heroes of the Rebellion of 1863-1864 in Belarus will be held in Vilnius. Until now, their tortured remains were lying in some unmarked pit on Castle Hill.

A festive event will take place in Vilnius with regard to the reburial on November 22. Dear Compatriots, I ask all of you to join this event in your thoughts. Remember the rebels’ password:

Who do you love? I love Belarus! The feeling is mutual!

And here's what Kalinouski, our hero, wrote to us from under the gallows, sentenced to death by the tsarist authorities. Today more than ever I want you to hear his words of love for his homeland and his people:

“My brothers, my dear men. I am writing to you from beneath the Muscovy gallows, probably for the last time. It hurts to leave forever my native land, and you, my dear people. Moaning comes from my chest, my heart is sore, but I don’t regret dying for Thy truth. Take my last word, people, as it is from the other world, for thy goodness only written!”

Yaska, a farmer from near Vilnia, ends his letter with the words we all know: “For I say to you from under the gallows, my people, you will only live happily when no Russian remains over you!”

These words are relevant to this day! Although our state is independent, it is still run by all the enemies of our liberty. So remember the “last word” of our hero, my dear compatriots, as ”for thy goodness it is only written!”

Long Live Belarus!

Ivonka Survila, Chairperson of the BPR Rada

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