20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:14
For our and your freedom!

"He came pick fight with schoolboy and wounded him in neck, and teacher stood up for him"


The details of the tragedy in Staubtsy revealed.

A tragedy happened in Staubtsy today. A schoolboy came to the chool with a knife and wounded several people: one of the students and the history teacher died, two more schoolchildren are in intensive care, several other people were also injured.

Local residents reported the details of the attack to onliner.by.

– The boy came to school to pick fight with an 11th grader and stubbed him in the neck. The teacher, apparently, stood up for the boy, and he also stubbed a knife in her neck. Several other people were injured; he wounded one boy in the neck and a lung, another one is in intensive care, – the source said.

The 11th grade schoolboy is detained. His classmates are now testifying at school. Other students of the school can not tell any details about the boy. Schoolchildren say that the attacker's page on social networks has been deleted today.