25 May 2019, Saturday, 23:33
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Videofact: Brest Residents Oppose Battery Plant In All Possible Ways


Brest residents and residents of the region have covered the Ukrainian hit “Was Crying”.

The goal of the new clip is to oppose in every possible way the launch of the iPower plant next to the regional center, the Brest Newspaper writes.

On February 14, a new clip, which was created as part of a campaign to resist the construction of a battery factory near Brest, appeared on the Narodny Repartsior YouTube channel. This time, the residents of the Brest region covered the hit “Was Crying”.

“Among those who are not indifferent, there are people who support our movement with their creativity. And this is their vision, their contribution, their struggle for a clean Brest in the future. Of course, we supported their idea. This clip will help expand the informational boundaries of articles, press conferences, draw attention to the problem that the residents of Brest, the district and even the region, are most concerned about. One goal is to prevent the launch of the iPower plant near Brest,” – campaign activist Yuliya Zubik said.

Remembering the difficulties that they had to face a year ago, when making the clip “Live”, this time the participants behaved very carefully when preparing and working on the video. The information was not spread anywhere and thanks to that it was possible to make a new clip without hindrance.

We remind that on March 17 last year, a video clip on the song “Live”, dedicated to the struggle of the Brest region residents against a battery factory in the FEZ Brest. Very soon, “Live” became the anthem of the protest movement.

At the beginning of 2018, a campaign against the appearance of the iPower accumulator plant in the Brest FEZ was launched in Brest. For more than a year, the initiative group of Brest residents and residents of the region, as well as its supporters, has been constantly reporting numerous violations at different stages of the project. Representatives of the plant, environmental organizations and officials insist that the fears are groundless and there are no violations.

The launch of the battery factory’s full production cycle was originally scheduled for August 2018, then for the end of the year. According to the latest data, a trial launch of production lines at the iPower plant under construction will be carried out presumably from February 21 to 28. According to official information, the capacity of the enterprise at the initial stage will be 1 million batteries per year, and will subsequently be doubled. However, the initiative group states that the equipment brought to the enterprise will allow producing up to 6 million batteries per year.