25 May 2019, Saturday, 23:35
For our and your freedom!

Pensioner Threatened With Raising Communal Charge At Times For Renting Apartment To “Parasite”

He has received a “chain letter” from the commission.

The notice from the “parasite” commission has been published on Facebook by famous Homel human rights activist Leanid Sudalenka.

– The first “parasite” early sign has been noticed in Vitsebsk. The owner of the apartment, who is also the payer for housing and utility services, is asked whether a person “not employed in the economy” is registered in it. The whole truth of life is that the registered and, according to the authorities, “not employed in the economy” one has been living in a rented apartment in Minsk for more than five years. Consequently, the payer, a pensioner, is not to be charged the triple price for hot water. Or will Vitsebsk officials from the “parasite” commission charge him? – Leanid Sudalenka asks.

We remind that the Belarusians working abroad are automatically listed as the “parasites”. The database is compiled by special commissions that work with the personal information of the Belarusians.

More than once it has been stated that, in addition to 100% payment for communal services, the “parasites” will pay for other services that are subsidized by the state, and those “unoccupied in the economy” have been threatened with the medical labour centers.

The previous version of the “parasite decree” provoked mass protests, which experts call the most large scale in Belarus since the “perestroika”.