19 May 2019, Sunday, 20:45
For our and your freedom!

Basta!: You Can Change Game Rules


We must think quickly.

Rare news: the state television channel announced that today, February 21, all news releases will be in Belarusian. Oh, thank you. One day for the native language for a whole year. One holiday of the shirt with national embroidery per year. One concert under our flags (only without politics) per year. One signboard above the entrance to the railway station, the Basta! telegram channel reports.

The titular nation of the country allowed the dictator to squeeze themselves into the ghetto. With this regime, one cannot count on more.

What is the solution? There are several options. You may wait for a holiday, which happens once a year, and continue to play the game with the ever-present score of 364: 1. You can beg permission for one or two concerts / plaques / days. You can change the rules of the game.

Only time is running out, it is necessary to think quickly or the most important thing – the country – will be wholly lost.