20 April 2019, Saturday, 10:22
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“These Patriotically-Minded Guys Were the First to Hang out a White-Red-White Flag in Hrodna”


The way Hrodna protested 25 years ago.

On February 10, 25 years ago, Anton Stepuro, an activist of the Revival Belarusian Popular Front, People's Commissar of Hrodna City Council, retired captain passed away, Radio Racyja reports.

The police never found the unknown who attacked him in 1994. Some of his friends believe that Anton Stepuro's death is a political crime. A friend of Stepuro, Siarhei Zylkou, told us:

- These patriotically-minded guys hang out a white-red-white flag on Gorky Street. It was very exciting. It was the first time in Hrodna when the national flag was hung out. However, then we were forced to remove it. It was hung up and then removed.

He is buried in Hrodna cemetery on Kosmonavtov Avenue.