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Defender Of Kurapaty Barys Dubrouski Beaten

Defender Of Kurapaty Barys Dubrouski Beaten

Yesterday the visitors of the “restaurant on the bones” attacked the Kurapaty watch again.

Hanna Shaputsko, who was present at the scene of the incident, reported the details to novychas.by:

– Yesterday, at about 20.00, a Mitsubishi arrived, the number of which we are now checking about. The defenders were standing on the adjacent territory and the car was forced to stop. I went to the car to talk about Kurapaty, they opened the window, but the door suddenly opened from the other side and a man jumped out, who immediately attacked defender of Kurapaty Barys Dubrouski, an elderly man who was standing aside, holding a national white-red-white flag.

The attacker snatched out the flag from Barys's hands, tore it off, threw it on the ground, and broke the flagstaff, scratching Barys's face. We rushed to the rescue. The man did not stop. He attacked us, insulted, tore off the scarf from me, then the hat, attacked the guys, he was provoking a fight.


He attacked defender Viktar Shaputska, knocked out the camera from his hands, it fell to the ground and crashed. A young man and a young woman joined him, they also behaved very defiantly, allowing insults to the side of the protesters, attacking the defenders. The guys, despite the provocations, were behaving adequately. The hooligans called the police, the defenders called them as well. We wrote three statements against the acts of the hooligans. I know that they wrote a statement, too.

We believe that a deliberate provocation took place against the defenders of Kurapaty.

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