19 July 2019, Friday, 20:30
We are in the same boat

How Much “Parasite's” Housing And Communal Services Bill Went Up: Impressive Difference

Maria Tarasenka, a woman from Homel, found a bill in her mailbox.

The long-awaited January utility bills appeared in the mailboxes, vkurier.by writes.

The long awaited, because until now everyone was just wondering how they would look for “parasites.”

Maria Tarasenka, a woman from Homel, took the utilities bill from her mailbox. She defined the new tariff for water heating as no less than draconian.

This month fee for water heating has grown for Maria. We compare this receipt with the previous one, which she got in January. The new utilities bill includes, in addition to the usual tariff (16.9259 rubles / Gcal), a column with tariffs that provide full recovery of economically reasonable costs (88,9900 rubles / Gcal). If a month ago Maria was charged 5.65 rubles for this service, then in February it was 48.19. The increase is 5.3 times.