31 March 2020, Tuesday, 12:13
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The Pig Decides Nothing

The Pig Decides Nothing

The time for freebies is over.

Lukashenka has been staying at power for so long only thanks to the Russian financing of his regime. He thought it was an eternal freebie, because in return, the Kremlin demanded, in his opinion, only some “petty things” - to destroy the Belarusian language, persecute patriots, promote the Russian world in the power structures, give Moscow a strategically important gas pipeline system and television space. Apparently, a pig also thinks that the owners feed it simply out of the great love for the cloven-hoofed animals. Until they decide that the bacon is already fat enough. Now Moscow has decided that the situation is ripe. They are also running out of money for feeding. So they started pulling the “guarantor of independence” on the rope to the ultimate integration. He squeals, but has nowhere to go. He himself says that without the Russian support, the existence of his “economy” is impossible. Moreover, they do not plan to immediately annex Belarus so as not to cause resistance of Belarusians. They want to grab the power over the country part by part. They have already promised the “guarantor” presidency in the autonomy. It is incomparably better than being left alone with a grateful nation. Only the people who totally misbelieve in own forces, or depend on this regime, can say that our independence from Moscow will be granted by the ruler of the regime which actually exists on Moscow’s financing. Patriots have no right to passively watch, while they are deciding on the fate of our country from abroad again. As it was done by the majority of Belarusians in 1918. Passivity at crucial moments in history always results in a far greater bloodshed later. Now those who want independence definitely make the vast majority. We just need to unite in order to remove from power those who had been preparing the treason here for 20 years, and firmly declare our will for independence, for freedom. Then, trust me, no one will turn up here to impose on us a hateful kolkhoz dictator and continue the policy of absorption. You need to be a complete madman to try to put the imperial yoke on an independent nation with a strong guerrilla tradition and two thousand kilometers of borders through which material and human aid will come. In such circumstances, as evidenced by the world experience, for the suppression of the guerrilla movement you need to have 80 occupiers per one guerrilla man. Where will they find so much? To save the country we need unity. The only possible center for unity now is the Belarusian National Congress. Join the organizations that are part of our coalition. Together we will defend Belarus. Long live Belarus! Mikalai Statkevich, Facebook