24 July 2019, Wednesday, 10:55
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Kasinerau: Palienka's Case Is Political Mayhem


The former political prisoner Dzmitry Palienka is in a temporary detention center.

Yesterday, former political prisoner Dzmitry Palienka was detained, and today investigative actions are being taken on his case, the website palitviazni.info writes.

“This is an obvious political mayhem,” – the activist's associate and former political prisoner, Viachaslau Kasinerau, believes.

Palienka is suspected of committing a crime under Article 339, Part 3 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (especially malicious hooliganism). Police officers seized all activist's equipment (computer, mobile phone), literature, leaflets, stickers, etc.

“I saw Dzmitry; investigative actions on his case has been started: confrontations and so on, – Viachaslau Kasinerau said. – He showed with his hands that they were going to close him up. The corridor was full of armed police officers; one of them tried to lead me out by my hand; they closed the doors to the building... It's an obvious political mayhem behind closed doors.”

According to Kasinerau, police didn't let to pass food over to Dzmitry.

“The man will spend day and night without food, – Viachaslau noted. – They didn't let to pass him medicines as well, they said: if he feels bad, we will hand him over to the duty room, they will call an ambulance. Palienka will spend the next three days in the temporary detention center.”