24 July 2019, Wednesday, 6:25
We are in the same boat

The Way They Turn 1-Kapeyka Payments Into BYN 50 Fines For Belarusians

The tricks of the United Payment and Information Space.

An individual entrepreneur from Zhodzina Anatol Sashunou turned to Charter97.org.

“Due to the negligence in the United Payment and Information Space system, the traffic police did not receive the payment of 1 kapeyka. As a result, they issued me a repeated fine for an allegedly “unpaid fine” - in the amount of BYN 49,” the entrepreneur wrote.

The journalists contacted Anatol to find out the details - in the end, the entrepreneur told how the authorities lead the wars with the people, for a penny and not quite a penny. The website Charter97.org publishes the story of Anatol Sashunou first person:

The threatening letter

- Initially, I was issued a fine of BYN 24.5 rubles — for “crossing the street in an unspecified place.”

I honestly did not have the opportunity to pay this sum right away. Therefore, I began to pay in installments, through the United Payment and Information Space of the traffic police.

When it was the last day to pay the fine, I logged into the United Payment and Information Space and saw: there was only 1 kapeyka left to pay. I thought: now I will repay it - and that's all. I made a payment - it did not pass. Once again - same thing. It was evening and it was too late to call and figure out. I decided that I will deal with this next week.

On the first working day I called the United Payment and Information Space of the traffic police. They answered me: no, we have everything in order, and if some payment doesn't pass, then only the minimum one. “Why cannot I then make a minimum payment if I need one?” I asked. “Third-party organizations that provide their services to the United Payment and Information Space put restrictions. Try to pay 2, 3, 5, 10 kapeykas – maybe it will pass then,” they advised in the traffic police.

I began to pay: one kapeyka – didn’t pass, two - did not pass, three - the payment finally passed. I decided that I paid my debt to the traffic police and calmly forgot what had happened.

Two months later I received a threatening letter: you did not pay the fine. And I got a new fine for this supposedly “unpaid fine”, two more “minimum wages”, that is, BYN 49.

I wrote to the Zhodzina Traffic Police a statement to which I attached screenshots of my payments, including the last one. But they do not want to listen to anything: “We have a system, you have not paid!”

How not paid? Payment of one kapeyka did not pass because of the traffic police programmers or those who set up the system. It is also clearly written there: the minimum payment is one kapeyka, the maximum payment is 999 kapeykas. It means that those who could not set up the system to receive 1 kapeyka are to blame. However, they didn’t want to listen to my arguments in the traffic police.

I wrote a statement to the Minsk regional traffic police and appealed to the journalists of the Charter’97.

The traffic mayhem

- Why did you decide to address to independent media?

My case is not unique. There is chaos with payments related to traffic issues. Recently, the media published an article about how the Beltoll system works. The driver did not pay a few kapeykas - and they could issue him a fine of 260 euros.

So, all this must be fought.

In my situation, I am outraged about the methods they use to take a fine. I have all the screenshots, I made them literally the next day after the call to the traffic police. I know how hard it is to prove something with the existing authorities.

And indeed: two weeks ago I decided to go down in the history of my payments in the United Payment and Information Space - that's all, the history of January and February is gone. I do not know who deleted it: the bank or the traffic police, where I paid the fine.

Well, I made the screenshots. Anyway, I have been struggling with the authorities for a long time.


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