1 October 2020, Thursday, 1:21
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Tages Anzeiger: Nazarbayev’s Regime Will Fall

Tages Anzeiger: Nazarbayev’s Regime Will Fall
Nursultan Nazarbayev
Photo: TASS

For 30 years, the dictatorial clan has been doing nothing but enriching itself.

"Mukhtar Ablyazov is the deadly enemy of Kazakhstan's still influential ex-president Nursultan Nazarbayev. In an interview with Swiss Tages-Anzeiger (translation by inopressa.ru), an entrepreneur and former minister living in France declares his "intention to carry out a non-violent coup in the country".

Although Nazarbayev has retained much power since his resignation, "his resignation from the post of president means a significant weakening of the authoritarian regime," the interviewee says. "We are at a turning point of Kazakhstan's modern history," Ablyazov said.

"The population is sick of this dictatorship. For 30 years, the Nazarbayev clan has been doing nothing but enriching itself. Nazarbayev owns and controls property worth about $200 billion. He has resigned as head of state, and this is crucial for the population. And people have a leap of hope for changes: democracy and a better life are also possible in Kazakhstan. The moment is about to come when people are no longer afraid of the regime," Ablyazov said.

"They criticize the regime, although they risk being arrested. They speak more freely about political issues and take to the streets to take part in demonstrations. This is a new phenomenon", he stresses.

"Nazarbayev left behind a power vacuum that threatens his clan. Uncertainty reigns. His temporary successor as president, Kasym Tokayev, make no difference. The more time passes, the internal struggle for power is likely to begin. To avoid chaos, the presidential elections scheduled for April 2020 were postponed to June 9. Nazarbayev will try to make his daughter Dariga the head of state. Her appointment as chairwoman of the Senate was the first step. People hate her. They do not want the Nazarbayevs anymore. The Dariga election will strengthen the position of opposition," Ablyazov believes.

Speaking about activities of the Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan movement, which he heads, Ablyazov notes: "We have allies in all cities and regions of Kazakhstan, they will organize demonstrations at places. In my opinion, 90% of the population rejects the dictatorship. But it's no need for all of them to take to the streets. 3-5% of the population is enough to take part in demonstrations".

"Armenia, Georgia, as well as Ukraine managed to change the regime through mass demonstrations. It will also happen in Kazakhstan. The regime will be in tatters. Nazarbayev's regime may collapse before the end of the year," the source said.

"I plan to return to Kazakhstan. I will enter the country illegally at the right time. I prepare for this thoroughly. The regime will not be able to stop me. The task of my movement is to encourage the Kazakhs to take to the streets," Ablyazov said.

Answering a question about what he would have done if he had been in power, the businessman said: "I offer a provisional government under my leadership for six months. This time is needed to establish new parties and hold free elections. Kazakhstan needs a democratically elected government, not an almighty president. I propose to abolish the post of president, as it's a symbol of Nazarbayev's dictatorship. After the transition period, the country will be run by winners of the parliamentary elections".

Addressing to relations with Russia, Ablyazov said: "The Russians wanted to buy me. They would have helped me come to power in Kazakhstan, if I had pledged to be loyal to Putin's regime. I refused. A Western-style parliamentary democracy should be established in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan must be politically free from its major neighbors - Russia or China".