19 September 2019, Thursday, 3:54
We are in the same boat

The Rake Available Only for the BRYU Members

The Rake Available Only for the BRYU Members
Iryna Khalip

How the state blackmails people with low income and many children.

Tomorrow all civil servants and contract workers who joined them will carry another log with grandfather Lenin. High-ranking carriers of logs will pose with sportswomen and singers. In the evening TV channels will flood their few viewers with sniffles of delight about the national unity in the name of Lenin's clean-up day. Viewers will swear about the wasted day and go drinking beer. The money raised at the clean-up day will disappear without a trace, as well as memories of the day. The government will report that money for a new hat for a policeman monument has been raised at the expense of the people.

This is the state reality under the slogan of the thirties "life is better, life is fun". And there is a completely different reality, or rather, the only real one. A large family of my good acquaintances lives there. Mom, Dad, four schoolchildren. Their life is not a pie, but they do not whine, do not complain, do not demand. They work really hard. However, when the head of the family got a disability group after a heart attack, life turned worse. But still, they do not whine. They cope with everything. And the eldest son has recently had good news from school: children from large and poor families will have an opportunity to work in the summer. Labor camp, agricultural works, the payment is 250 rubles. The family cries tears of joy: they have a clever young man who is a breadwinner at his 14 years old. He will bring money for the family, and he will be able to buy something for himself, not an essential item, but a thing he was longing for. In general, the state is great, it gives children from large families an opportunity to earn and even pays well.

However, a few days after a generous state offer, the boy's form teacher voiced one small condition necessary for the camp. It's necessary to join the BRYU. And then the rake and digging hoes are at your service. But no membership in the BRYU - no work at fields of the country. These are the rules.

Parents went to the principal. He shook his shoulders "it's out of my competence, I don't know". The form teacher winked expressively - you know, we don't decide anything. Even though even according to this mickey mouse company, the written permission of parents is requered for children under 16, and if parents are against it, no one has the right to demand anything from the child.

So the state's generosity is nothing more than a damn good trap. Every school has a plan for high school students to join the BRSM. Do whatever you want, but make them join. And here we have families with many children and of low income, i.e. the most vulnerable. Offer a child, under state patronage, to work officially, make a caring face, wave with 250 rubles. Can you imagine how the whole family will be dreaming about things bought with this money? The main thing is to slip in an application of accession in time: you should sign here, and here is your rake. You have the money, we have the plan. It's a great deal, and you're going to make money, so you should thank us. Well, you don't have to thank us. Sign it.

My acquaintances didn't sign anything. The boy, however, will still be working in the summer. At her own risk, one of deputy principals put him on the list. I don't mention either the city or the number of the school - let such deputy principals stay in the system as long as possible. But I mean another thing. I mean the reaction. I have told this story many people in recent days. And I was even more shocked by the reaction of people to the story. A young friend of mine, born under the current regime, said: "So what, I faced the same. Father had business problems, I wanted to earn my own pocket money. I was also given a condition, and I joined the BRYU. In spring, I joined it to be on the list of the camp and left it in autumn. So I deceived them". My second acquaintance, by the way, also a mother with many children - was surprised at my indignation: "What is the problem? Let her join, and then do anything, but enjoy bonuses. After all, if the question is who will be the first to deceive - the state or we - let's be the first. To take and not to give anything in return - what can be easier?"

These are words of two well-educated young women have probably stunned me more than the whole story of BRYU's blackmail. Obedient acceptance of the rules of the game - okay, we are in, only we're cooler than you, degenerates, and we'll beat you. I agree that they initially dictate the rules. Obedience... They have the right to it. Humility... Yes, this is the country we live in, and nothing can be done. And they run the game.

Obedience and humility mean the defeat. Fortunately, not everyone agrees. Some stand on their own, abandoning such necessary two hundred and fifty rubles, but avoid the defeat. Others slip between the drops of rain, because there is a wise deputy principal among the school nomenclature. Others take the child's documents away from the school not to give up. The fourth continue to gulp down soup, and this is no less fundamental than the mentioned above. Or even more.

To gulp down soup is not a figurative way of speech, it's literally. I remember my friend's younger sister came from school with enthusiasm: "Daddy, I have an opportunity to earn some money on vacation! We were told that if we joined the BRYU, we would be able to find an official job. Wow, I will have a job!" And Dad kept eating soup. He didn't stop eating, he just said: "That's very good, honey. If you join the BRYU, you will need a job. Because you won't have home anymore".

I don’t know why but I do not worry about this girl.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org