24 May 2019, Friday, 7:38
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Amateurs Will Soon Become Professionals


The first head of independent Belarus has given an assessment of the presidential elections in Ukraine.

The first head of independent Belarus, Stanislau Shushkevich, commented to Radio Racyja on the results of the presidential elections in Ukraine.

– Personally, I take Zelensky’s victory in Ukraine as a victory of democracy in the country, as a democratic electoral procedure. I do not want to predict how the new president will be acting, but so far everything is happening in accordance with normal ethical standards. And this is an example of how elections should be held in a democratic country. Unfortunately, Belarus is very far away from this.

– Some people say that Ukraine voted not for Zelensky, but against Poroshenko ...

– I do not think so. There are many people who envy Poroshenko, but he earned his capital not through some kind of illegal procedures. Poroshenko is a more experienced politician than Vladimir Zelensky, but he will gain experience over time. Moreover, I saw during the election campaign that Zelensky had a good team. These are amateurs who will become professionals very soon.