11 December 2019, Wednesday, 6:40
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Does Police Plan To Earn Millions Of Rubles Per Year On Church?

Does Police Plan To Earn Millions Of Rubles Per Year On Church?

People will have to pay for pilgrimages and religious processions?

Council of Ministers issued Resolution № 49 not long ago, blogger Artsiom Tkachuk writes on Facebook. According to him, the cost of the services of the police officers guarding public events are as follows now:

up to 10 people – 50 rubles

10-100 – 637 rubles

101-1000 – 3825 rubles

1000 and more – 6375 rubles

Let's count now. There are 450 parishes in Belarus at the moment. If the procession in honor of the feast of God's Body, which very rarely gathers less than 100 people, takes place at least in half of them, then the church must pay more than 350 thousand dollars only for the whole procession.

We can count up:

200 parishes x 3825 rubles = 765 thousand rubles.

Take the pilgrimages to Budslav. There are dozens of them. If the authorities start to take 3825 rubles per day from each, then, for example, for pilgrimage from Lida to Budslav (9 days) we have to pay more than 34 thousand rubles. Not to mention the cost of a 15-day pilgrimage from Brest to Budslav.

Belarusian bishops are trying to negotiate with the authorities so that they do not charge the fee when holding church mass events. But even if we succeed, we all know that such things are not cut and dried. In short, we are waiting for piggy banks in the parishes of Belarus with the words “To Pay For Police Services”.