29 February 2020, Saturday, 8:46
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Belsat: Million-Dollar Bribes Go Through Lukashenka’s Sports Club?

Belsat: Million-Dollar Bribes Go Through Lukashenka’s Sports Club?

How the authorities are trying to take away a piece of land from a resident of Minsk.

The local authorities, using various means, want to take away the piece of land in the Tsimirazeva Street in Minsk, where the house of Nina Mihachova is located. The first attempt took place eight years ago. Then they wanted to take the land allegedly for the extension of the road. The court disputes lasted for almost five years, but Nina was able to defend her home, writes Belsat.

“It turned out that it cannot be demolished because there was no state need,” says Nina.

Despite the fact that, according to the documents, the house was not demolished, the owners were not given permission for any infrastructure works, for example, gas repair, for a long time. The news that the house is being taken back came last year. The developer offered Nina compensation, which she considers inappropriate.

“We were not offered a single apartment option,” says the owner of a private house. “Strominvest-Ratomka valued our 75 squares meters in the city center at $ 5,800. ”

The Minsk City Executive Committee took the side of the developer, but this time our heroine was able to appeal the decision in court.

“It is said that this site is being withdrawn for the state need. But in reality, it is given to a commercial firm for the construction of high-rise buildings,” says Nina Mihachova.

Nina conducted her own investigation and managed to obtain a document which, in her opinion, makes more clear the loyalty of the city authorities to the private developer.

“One of the provisions said the following: 50 US dollars for each square meter from the total area of apartments of residential buildings should be transferred to the development of sports and physical culture and recreation movement in the country through the presidential sports club,” the woman said.

If we consider that a residential multi-apartment building is going to be constructed at this place, we can talk about a figure of millions of dollars.

Former member of parliament and lawyer Siarhei Skrabets notes that this is one of the corruption schemes that exists in our country.

“The head of the presidential sports club is the son of Aliaksandr Lukashenka Dzmitry. It is no secret that this club exists for sponsorship, and sponsorship in our country has long ceased to be voluntary. In fact, this is not a crime under our laws, each company independently decides whom to transfer money and in which amounts. Still, this is a hidden form of corruption,” explains Siarhei Skrabets.

However, in any case, Siarhei Skrabets advises Nina Mihachova to seek fair compensation.

“To appeal to our legislative acts, to the definitions of the Minsk City Executive Committee, in which it is stated that they must provide her with the same residential meters that they take from her, and in the same area,” advises the lawyer.

Our heroine says that she is afraid not only for her property rights now.