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Traffic Police Officer Kidnapped In Mahiliou Found Murdered

Traffic Police Officer Kidnapped In Mahiliou Found Murdered

The police is looking for a Volga with Russian numbers.

A 23-year-old police lieutenant was kidnapped and some time later found murdered in Mahiliou region. At 21.45, a representative of the Interior Ministry officially announced the officer's death on the air of the Belarusian Television. The NEXTA Telegram channel was the first to report about the incident. Sources of tut.by in Mahiliou confirm this information. The entire staff of Mahiliou region police was raised on the alert, the Siren plan was initiated in the region, roadblocks were set up all over the country.

The lieutenant was found murdered near Mahiliou.

The traffic police officer, Lieutenant P., was kidnapped in Mahiliou at about 6.30 p.m. As it became known from the transcript of the audio recording of the police orientation, the traffic policeman left for the road accident investigation at about 18 o'clock. At 18.27, he sent a message on Viber: "Urgently. Black Volga. Three gypsies. The registration mark is Russian." After that, he went missing with a service weapon.

It is not known whether the weapon was found.

According to the police orientation, the traffic policeman was taken away in a GAZ ("Volga") car with tightly blacked-out windows and Russian registration numbers. It is a black car, the license plate numbers – 67 or 69 regions of Russia.

There can be 3 men in it – "presumably of Romani or Caucasian nationality".


A criminal case has been opened over the murder of the traffic policeman in Mahiliou region under Article 362 of the Criminal Code (the murder of an employee of the Interior when performing his duties to protect public order), the Investigation Committee informed late in the evening.

Investigators, together with police officers and experts, are working at the scene to establish the circumstances of the crime. Urgent investigative actions and operative-search activities are being carried out.

The progress of the criminal investigation is under the personal control of Investigative Committee head Naskevich.

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