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Has Laureate Of State Prize Of Belarus Aliaksandr Dziadzko Been Detained?

Has Laureate Of State Prize Of Belarus Aliaksandr Dziadzko Been Detained?

Yesterday, the famous anesthesiologist was summoned for a talk by the KGB, and was not released from there.

Famous anesthesiologist Aliaksandr Dziadzko was in the team of doctors who performed liver transplantation surgery for the first time in Belarus in the night from April 2 to 3, 2008, Narodnaya Volia writes.

In 2016, Aliaksandr Dziadzko together with his colleagues – Aleh Rummo, Yury Astrouski, Aleh Kalachyk, Aliaksei Shcherba, Andrei Valentsiukevich – was awarded a state prize for developing and implementing organ transplantation technologies.

"On Wednesday, May 15, Aliaksandr Mikhailauich was summoned to the KGB for a talk, and he was not released from there. As we understand it, he is detained, – the people close to family said. – We are shocked. Aliaksandr Dziadzko is without exaggeration the golden fund of Belarusian medicine. He is a professional, an intelligent person..."

Aliaksandr Dziadzko works at the Minsk Surgical, Transplantology and Hematology Research and Development Center (former hospital No. 9 of Minsk), heads the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation of the RRC Organ And Tissue Transplantation. He is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, and his doctoral degree was recognized as one of the best works in 2018. On January 25 this year Aliaksandr Dziadzko was in the group of scientists, to whom Lukashenka personally presented doctoral diplomas.

In 1998, Aliaksandr Dziadzko was appointed Head of the Anesthesiology Department of the 9th State Clinical Hospital. At the beginning of the 2000s, he studied liver transplantation at Hannover University of Medicine. Today, almost 100 people work under his guidance.

Aleh Rummo, the head of the RRC Organ And Tissue Transplantation and, more recently, the director of the Minsk Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology Research Center, says about his colleague: "Aliaksandr Dziadzko managed to create in our RRC one of the best anesthesiology and intensive care services in the country. He is a very reliable man.

The SRC of Surgery, Transplantology and Hematology does not comment on Aliaksandr Dziadzko’s detention. His office phone has been silent since Thursday.

The KGB press service has not commented on this information yet.