29 September 2020, Tuesday, 16:53
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Unexpected Effect Of Special Operation By Police

Unexpected Effect Of Special Operation By Police

Armed police officers wander around the houses that belong to the Roma family not only in Mahiliou.

This has been reported by the telegram channel NEXTA.

- The unexpected effect occurred after a police special operation following the murder of a traffic police officer in Mahiliou: we have already received messages from several individual entrepreneurs engaged in the rental of apartments for a day. According to them, the contact telephone numbers have been busy for the second day in a row, receiving calls of the representatives of the Roma community, who are trying to rent housing in order to wait out massive raids there. For obvious reasons, they don’t even try hotels.

Policemen with weapons wander around the houses belonging to the Roma families not only in Mahiliou. Such messages have already been received from Barysau, Babruisk and other cities. As a result, representatives of the diaspora prefer to rent temporary housing for a day so as not to be beaten and detained.

The strangest thing is that the police's “try-out” on the national grounds continues even now - when the Investigatory Committee officially declared that the “version of the three Romas on the black Volga is no longer a priority.” This only shows that some tentacles of the system do not know what the others are doing.