27 January 2020, Monday, 20:58
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Narodnaya Hramada: What Happens Today Is Not Acceptable For Country

Narodnaya Hramada: What Happens Today Is Not Acceptable For Country

It is our civic duty to side with the Romany diaspora.

The Narodnaya Hramada party has made a statement in connection with the detentions in the Romany diaspora after the death of the traffic police officer:

"In the evening of May 16, a traffic policeman was killed on duty. According to the initial orientation, the police were looking for a black Volga with Russian numbers and, presumably (!) three gypsies, who were in it at the time of this crime.

Despite the fact that it was only one of the versions, and not the priority one for the law enforcement agencies, raids, searches of houses where the Romany live, beatings and detentions of people of this nationality started. The evidence has been recorded in hospitals, where the people, who had been brutally beaten by law enforcement officers, had to turn for help. Where should people go to ask for help if those who are supposed to defend them, are inflicting punishment on them on the grounds that their staff member was killed? The people are afraid to stay in their homes because at any moment a police detachment may break in and, without any documents or charges, search or beat them up only because gypsies live there. All this is happening in the center of Europe, in a calm and tolerant Belarus, where people of different nationalities and faiths have been living together for centuries.

During the Second World War we lost every third citizen. A lot of people died only because they were of the nationality that the Nazis did not give the right to life.

History repeats itself if no lessons are learned from it. It is our duty, as citizens of this country, to prevent the country from rolling back to savagery and to return the actions of law enforcement agencies within the framework of law.

What is happening today is unacceptable for a country that wants to be among the normal civilized countries of the international community.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that gypsies have nowhere to turn for help, they have no national state of their own. Belarus, which for many centuries has been safe and dear to many peoples, should not suddenly become a country where it is dangerous to live for the people of a national minority. They have nowhere to go and no reason to do it. It is our civic duty to defend the Romany diaspora," – the statement of the party says.