19 June 2019, Wednesday, 21:12
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Lieutenant Colonel: Shunevich's Moral State Does Not Meet His Position

Ihar Shunevich

The Minister of Internal Affairs should admit his mistakes.

The Minister of Internal Affairs should have apologized to groundlessly detained Roma," the head of the United Civil Party, former Lieutenant Colonel of Police Mikalai Kazlou, Radio Racyja informs.

As you know, the day before, Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich aggressively stated, answering a question of one of the journalists: "The minister has no reason to apologize to the Roma. Do you get it?"

Mass and brutal detentions occurred after reports of the murder of a Mahiliou traffic police officer committed allegedly by Roma. Later, the investigation decided that it was a suicide.

"Whatever motives for the arrest are, if it turns out that a person is innocent, one should apologize, especially the minister.

His attitude towards his activity is striking. I understand that he always considers himself right. In my opinion, everything he does is awful. It indicates his certain moral state. It seems to me that his moral state does not meet the position he holds," Mikalai Kazlou says.