5 April 2020, Sunday, 19:27
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Minsk Demands To Release Dzmitry Palienka

Minsk Demands To Release Dzmitry Palienka

It's the political prisoner's birthday today.

Dzmitry Palienka is 25 years old. This is not the first time when the political prisoner celebrates his birthday in prison, Basta telegram channel writes.

In October 2016, the activist was sentenced to 2 years in prison with a suspended sentence on a false charge of assaulting a policeman during the Critical Mass bicycle race held earlier in Minsk.

The next time Dzmitry Palienka was imprisoned in the middle of the parasite protests in spring 2017. The court cancelled the suspension and sent him to serve the rest of his sentence in Babruisk colony.

On 20 March 2019, the activist was arrested again on suspicion of "particularly malignant hooliganism." Now Dzmitry is kept in Minsk pre-trial detention center №1, he’s waiting for the trial.

On the eve of Dzmitry's birthday, posters and graffiti #free_polienko appeared in the city.