19 October 2019, Saturday, 23:48
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Luninets Strawberry Protest

Luninets Strawberry Protest

Luninets district is flooded with strawberries, but because of the lack of sales people throw the berries right in the field.

The people couldn't hand in the berries even for 20 kopecks by the evening of June 11 - the barrels stocked up and left. So they returned to the land what she had given them, the Media-Polessie website writes.

The buyers gave 50 kopecks for dried large berries, picking on them. There is information that people poured out a few buckets right in the market, under the feet of the buyers.

"I got 7 rubles for two buckets of selected berries. It's not worth the trouble to even harvest it, let alone to grow it," - one of the sellers complains.

"It's easier to throw them under the fence. Or let them rotten on the bushes," - another one confirms.

Others complain about the local authorities, who have not prepared properly for the season. In order to allow local residents to earn money by creating at least a small competition for state procurement, they had to take care of it in advance. And now it is possible to manage to improve the situation somehow.

The berries thrown under one' feet are a kind of protest. And a shame.