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Population census: Belarusians To Be Asked About Livelihoods

Population census: Belarusians To Be Asked About Livelihoods

Why do the authorities need this?

On October 4-30, 2019, a census of population will be held in Belarus, Belstat reports. The distinction of the forthcoming census is the possibility to fill in the questionnaires independently and at a convenient time via the Internet. In addition, there will be stationary census polling stations, and census takers at home, Ekonomicheskaya Gazeta writes.

Traditionally, the census is held once in 10 years.

The general census of population will be conducted in three stages.

The first one will pass on October 4-18, it will be an opportunity to independently fill out the census forms through a special program on the Internet or to come to the census station and provide information about yourself. The information on how to enter the program and the user's manual will later be posted on information leaflets, utility bills, in the media. One form is filled in for all members of the household (family) living together. Personal data of minor children are reported by their parents (guardians, caretakers) or adult members of the household. You can also submit the data of your elderly relatives and grandparents on the Internet. The census stations will work daily from 9.00 to 21.00.

The second stage will last from October 19 to October 20, respondents who have submitted the data via the Internet will be counted. The addresses of such respondents will be excluded from the census takers’ visit list. During this period, the census on stationary sites will continue.

The third stage will be carried out on October 21-30, the census takers will conduct a survey of respondents at the place of residence (stay) and at stationary sites. The census takers will have a bag with a logo, a tablet and an ID.

During the survey, 49 questions will be asked (there were 37 in the census of 2009): date of birth, gender, relationship, marital status, citizenship, level of education, means of livelihood, planning birth of children (only for women aged 18 - 49 years), other.

For the first time, we will be asked to answer questions about agricultural activities (land, crops, livestock and poultry).