26 February 2020, Wednesday, 11:09
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All The ‘Guarantor’ Recently Said Described By A Succinct Word ‘Demagoguery’

All The ‘Guarantor’ Recently Said Described By A Succinct Word ‘Demagoguery’
Dmitry Rastayev

Is it better to present a bill to the Kremlin than to the West?

There is a popular meme on the Internet: "In any weird situation..." - and then one can develop an idea. The idea is expressed in an ironic style.

For example, the inscription "Drink in any weird situation" is attached to the photo of an alcoholic. The inscription "Twit in any weird situation" is attached to Trump's portrait. If I did it to Lukashenka, the phrase would sound like this: "Remember the war in any weird situation."

The "guarantor" likes to appeal to the war and miss no opportunity to do it in public. And now, speaking at the forum of regions, he gave a brilliant speech, worthy of a facepalm.

- The West criticizes us - earlier it was more common - not because they have no conscience. I tell them: you haven't atoned for the last war you waged on our territory. And we haven't recovered from that in seven decades. Therefore, be careful with human rights, democracy and other criticism we hear, sometimes without a reason, against us," the "guarantor" said.

Everything is great in this speech - from the search for the guilty to explanations why we live so low, while others live so good. It is a thankless job to analyze the guarantor's speeches using logic, but still let's try. This time he was very elegant.

First, it is not very clear who exactly should atone for "that war". As far as we know, that war was waged on our territory by the forces of Nazi Germany. While the current West has extremely wide geography and in addition to Germany also includes England, France, the United States and many other countries that during World War II were just part of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Should England or America, who fought against Hitler, feel guilty before Belarus today? Every wise person answers: "Pardon, for what?" Germany, in general, doesn't owe us anything. More than 50 years passed after the Nuremberg Tribunal, and now it's a completely different country, neither politically nor ideologically inheriting from the Third Reich.

But Russia had no tribunal like the Nuremberg one, and the Communist regime, which destroyed thousands of lives in Belarus, was not convicted. Although all civilized countries now equate it with the Nazi one. So Putin's Russia is a direct heir to the Stalinist regime both politically and ideologically. Is it better for our "historian" to present the bill to the Kremlin rather than to the West?

Secondly, it is not clear how much time we need to "recover". All the countries that have been under German occupation have long been fully restored. Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria...

Even Germany itself, which was in ruins after the war and then paid serious reparations, is now one of the most developed countries in the world. And we are still recovering! Is it because our leadership is so "wise", isn't it?

However, there is no need to look for answers to these questions. A decent society has a succinct word describing all the "guarantors" current sayings. This word is demagoguery, which means "An appeal to people that plays on their emotions and prejudices rather than on their rational side".

It is a shame that for a quarter of a century we have been living in the country where knowledge, logic and wisdom are replaced by cloudy demagogic dross.

Dmitry Rastayev