12 August 2020, Wednesday, 9:12
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Stick Around, There's More Fun Down The Road

Stick Around, There's More Fun Down The Road

The result of the state policy, as they say, is obvious.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka got concerned not about the quality of the "oprichniks'" work, but about the fact that they have become used to violating the law for the sake of self-regarding interest. Why bother, collect evidence if there's the presumption of guilt and the most fair court will side with the state prosecution. You say, the people will set up a howl? And who listens to the people?

I am sure that if we apply normal Western standards to the work of law enforcement agencies, 90 percent of criminal cases will fall apart. And not because everyone is innocent, but because there are a huge number of procedural and other violations, which no one is paying attention to anymore!

Such blatant errors don’t fly with a normal court of law. There is the presumption of innocence. In our case, on the contrary, one has to prove that he is not guilty! The result of such a policy, as they say, is obvious.

Recent Lukashenka's actions clearly show that the trend in society of "we have enough of tightening the screws" has been noticed by the authorities and now they are trying to react to it somehow. On the eve of the election campaign, they are going to feed a diet of "good Lukashenka".

Stick around, there's more fun down the road.

Andrzej Poczobut, Facebook