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The Response of Partisan-Motorists to The Traffic Police

The Response of Partisan-Motorists to The Traffic Police
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The authorities have lost their sense of proportion with the road tax.

The Road Traffic Police started hunting drivers who do not pass the MOT test. A special campaign began on August 7 and will last for ten days.

Large-scale ignoring of the MOT test has started in Belarus when the "tax on access to traffic" was introduced. Since 2014, one can pass the test only after paying the state duty.

This year, they wanted to untie the tax from the test, but the mechanism has not changed yet.

Will the authorities be able to change the situation on Belarusian roads or "hunting" those who boycott the test is a regular PR campaign from the Belarusian traffic police?

Charter97.org asked Professor Barys Zhaliba, Doctor of Economics, for a comment.

- Today, thousands of Belarusian motorists drive without the MOT test. The traffic police confirm it. The thing is that "the tax on access to traffic" is simply impracticable for Belarusian families. It's about $100. Who can allocate such a sum without damaging the budget today? This is the problem.

Besides, this tax is fictitious, as far as I know, other countries have none. Second, the name "tax on access to traffic" is stupid. And in general, is it a tax or a duty? You understand, goddamn it?

There are two ways out: either to reduce it or to abolish it completely. Then the traffic police have any problems with " hunting" those who have not passed the test. I would also advise the government, the Ministry of Finance: do not lose the sense of proportion. It was lost here. There was a reasonable proposal to include this tax in the price of gasoline, as all countries of the world do.

Do pensioners drive much? No, but they have to pay the same price as others. However, their pensions are miserable. If the tax is included in the gasoline price - one has to pay as much as one drives.

- It was expected that the inclusion of the "road tax" in the price of fuel would take place this April 1. Why did the authorities abandon this idea?

- The Ministry of Finance uses some far-fetched pretexts. We will come to this practice anyway. I just don't understand why such decisions are made.

Officials believe that they lose some income. However, today the budget lacks even more when thousands of car owners ignore this tax. Of course, people who ignore the MOT test can be deprived of their driving license for three or six months. It will make people pay, but what for? After all, there is a civilized way. It can be noted that part of the price of motor fuel goes to the budget because there are an excise tax and VAT.

- One more thing is that the draft budget in Belarus includes the number of fines for traffic offenders. Is it right?

- I think it's not normal to include a fine in the budget plan. After all, people will try to exceed the target, as it directly affects their income, bonuses. Just and unjust methods will be used to levy fines.

Why should this indicator be included? After all, fines can be an additional income to the budget.

- Will motorists continue to fight as partisans?

- It seems so. Such measures cannot simply make a difference. The campaign will last ten days. Those who have a car can just use public transport. But it won't affect the majority of people in any way.