10 August 2020, Monday, 14:57
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An Electric Car of Wandering Motorcyclist

An Electric Car of Wandering Motorcyclist

Strange news stirs up the country.

The initiators of this morally stable vertical are those who disseminate it, not enemies and envious people. One of them has distinguished himself with unprecedented extravagance. On the day of knowledge, he went to a new school to teach schoolchildren how to live.

He was inspired and began to give the most vivid examples of his own life.

Once Elon Musk saw him driving a two-wheeled motorcycle. He got scared because all the progressive mankind could easily become desolate. Anything may happen to this two-wheeled transport on the roads! It's better to have three or four wheels. And a man of business made his final decision. However, the storyteller takes the floor: "I have an electric Tesla. Sometimes I test it. Musk presented it to me and wondered why the ruler drove a two-wheeled?

Accustomed to everything, official mass media got trapped by the decision whether they should publish it or not. However, one of the channels went too far. Alas! Cyclists got worried - they are also two-wheelers. Even those with segways wondered if they could change their vehicle for at least SP 100 D, which cost €150,000. And some of them sent e-mails to Elon Musk asking about the authenticity of the story about the presented Tesla. The answer was short: "Oh no"!

This is how achievements, this fall is filled with, are lost in such a race for sensations. How many people know that the national battle for the harvest ended in our undeniable victory? And the main plantation of the country hit all records. Everything grows there.

All the neighbours and other brothers chinned down and were confused with the final results. Once well-known melon growers hung around at the cherished fence, but the guards were strict and extremely tough. Having seen the vans filled with watermelons of incredible quality, the pilgrims realised that any competition with the local craftsman was meaningless. And they went slowly away.

And the luckiest farmer of the country did not take a look at all sorts of trifles. The harvest season was at the very height. Skillful girls and athletes appeared like mushrooms after rain.

They knew their business. As soon as the watermelons had been harvested, the dill made a statement. The papaya and passion fruit were about to ripe. Kumquat was riping. On the other side of the lyrical pond, a frivolous churchkhela was hanging from the nameless bushes. Calves and sheep bleated, declaring their rights to unconditional attention.

It's time to work hard not only for volunteers and other enthusiasts. Our familiar TV pictures make a deceptive impression that everything is easy and simple here. In reality, the vertical works hard. In any case, one can witness good results here. So live and have fun. But there is some mismatch. It's an incomprehensible and elusive conflict with the habitual course of time, which suddenly got out of control last December. And it suddenly became clear where the problem lies.

It looks as if nothing changes. Suddenly the wind rustles the leaves in the orange tope. And a shadow of Elon Musk may appear to talk about high-pitched ideas. In the depth of the same tope, one can see some bearded young men carrying something resembling a new electric car with a gift ribbon.

But it's a fretwork of this autumn light. It's easy to notice that there is no sign of that generous benefactor who so easily distributes gifts worth €150,000 to random motorcyclists. And if there is anybody in this tricky shadow, this is an eastern neighbour. But he does not hand out gifts. It looks like another black spot.

Last week, the local prime minister and the Kremlin's author of the December ultimatum were glad to inform viewers that all the disputable issues of further integration had already been resolved. The agreement has been initialed by the governments. 31 road maps are developed. Full unification of all spheres is stipulated. Naturally, according to the Kremlin standards. Single market. Europe will be happy to have to Russias instead of one. A big and small one.

But the main integrator, who said that we are the same nation, did not rush to share the joy. Moreover, he fell into despair at the opening of the Western Bypass in Brest. "Everyone wants to influence. But you know me. I do not accept when one starts to put too much pressure that damages our people. It is unacceptable. A multi-faceted policy is key. We must look at the East and the West. By the way, Russia has nothing to reproach us with. They even have a two-headed eagle. It looks both ways. And no one will ban us from doing the same. What a word - a ban! However, an electric car presented by a careful benefactor may be confiscated. And what? Was it the dream of the ruler when he signed the Kremlin papers?

He imagined a kind of utopia "on this plot of land". It's a primitive society of the times of mammoth hunting with an irremovable ruler. So that everyone would be jealous. There was the name for this - the country for life. And everything went according to the plan. But no matter how many times they painted grass and erected arches, the planned construction did not develop. He made calculations and decided: it takes another five years to have everything done. A new term. In other words, the cadence. And there is nothing to think about. The world is simple and clear.

But the reality differs from dreams. After twenty five years of senseless bustle and tricks of the collective farm circus, it is not possible to implement. Times have changed. Even his partners have tired of him. The December ultimatum spoiled his game. But the loser is promised a consolation prize - the flag over the local council.

However, as Elon Musk said "Uh no"!

Uladzimir Khalip, especially for Charter97.org