2 October 2020, Friday, 1:00
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Minsker about Lukashenka: "Mustache" should be changed

Minsker about Lukashenka: "Mustache" should be changed

There must be new people in power.

This is what people who come to pickets of the civil campaign European Belarus to collect signatures say, the press service of the campaign reports.

Minsk resident said why he came to sign for the nomination of an independent candidate:

- You see, they strangle the entire opposition in our country. A man has been in power for 25 years and at the same time he is trying to prevent the development of some other parties. This is not right, because totalitarianism is bad, it cannot be good, in principle.

They gave money to the MTZ, but did not tell them how to develop and what to do. And that's it, it's "kaput. They appointed a sixty year old man, who is there, roughly speaking, someone's nephew, brother, matchmaker and everything else. And that's all, nothing will change on this MTZ. There should be younger people. I'm not talking about myself, maybe about my friend.

Say hi to the mustache! They need to be changed!