25 September 2020, Friday, 13:13
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Minsk Resident: No Time Left, We Must Change Power

Minsk Resident: No Time Left, We Must Change Power

Authorities should ask people's opinions, not just sit still and make decisions on their own.

One of the visitors was emotionally telling this at the picket of European Belarus near GUM. The press service of the civil campaign quotes her:

- I have never seen fair elections. Vote counting is too careless. Observers stand ten meters away, though they should be three meters away. As soon as we, the observers, open our mouths - they call the police, like "they disturb us". Therefore, the word "elections" does not exist, there are appointees.

I would also like to say that they are instructed how to distribute votes. That's why we have such a rubber-stamping parliament. Beautiful puppets sit there and do not make a decision! They receive huge sums from my taxes! We do not decide, but the one at the top.

We can change this situation only if we change the government. Over the years, law enforcers, officials have bought into their impunity. In general, Belarus takes first place in Europe in terms of the number of law enforcers. Even now, they can stand here dressed in plain clothes, you know? We are turning into the country that will turn into North Korea in ten years. People are being intimidated, the contract system has been introduced, and there are no jobs because the economy is collapsing. As the "builder of communism", I remember the economy.

And now I'm concerned about unification with Russia and, you know, I don't want that! They must ask my permission, not to decide on their own how I, my children, my grandchildren should live. My grandchildren are already adults, so we need to change this power.