20 January 2021, Wednesday, 22:52
Sim Sim, Charter 97!



About the plan of "integration" of Belarus and Russia.

This week, several information portals (including the international TV channel RTVI, to which I apologize for my impoliteness) asked me for comments on the "plan of integration of Belarus and Russia," on the actions of Lukashenka who is wagging his tail, and Prime Minister Rumas who is desperately looking at him (appointed by him to look at him), to the statements (on behalf of the looking Rumas) of the Minister of Economy Krutoi, who finds the basis for "deepening integration" in the illegal ( then and now contradicting the Constitution) referendum of 1995, and to the "silence of the lambs" - the state officials, both those who do not understand and those who do understand what is really going on, but who are afraid of the thought of saying, "What to do?," for this not to happen, because then along with the title of Chernyshevsky's book, it is necessary to say something about its content, the essence of which is the question: "Who is to blame?" - and this is above their state capabilities...

Such a terrifying picture of human emptiness at all points of the power vertical. Their favorite excuse is that they are the "sovereign's people". That they are obliged to serve, that they have no choice.

There is a choice: to be sovereign's, or state's ones.

I comment for everyone at once:

It doesn't matter to you or to me anymore,

Who are these people in this country

Are they presidents? Chairmen?

All these people

Are the traitors of this country!

Uladzimir Niakliayeu, Facebook