2 December 2020, Wednesday, 8:29
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Is One Afraid to Inform Lukashenka That His Statements Cause Laughter?

Is One Afraid to Inform Lukashenka That His Statements Cause Laughter?

The Administration of the dictator is afraid to upset the chief.

During a business trip of Lukashenka to the Karelichy district on September 20, he gave a long speech to the employees of the local flax factory. Among other things, he said that the Trumps were glad to receive his flax gift, udf.by reports.

It will be recalled that he handed the gift to the advisor to the U.S. President John Bolton, though he was fired soon after returning to Washington D.C.

"They wonder where they can buy it. This suggests that we can't sell our goods," Lukashenka assured.

What's strange about this statement?

It's not even that Lukashenka can't know the reaction of the American presidential couple (although it's unlikely they received it at all).

It's more impressive that Lukashenka made a statement about it just a few weeks after the statement about the gift of Elon Musk.

As soon as the American billionaire refuted this information, Lukashenka's statement became the May-game and a meme.

Later Lukashenka was caught by the same trap twice. He caused a wave of jokes, making statements about close ties with the U.S. president.

The conclusion is that Lukashenka misses the information about Elon Musk's reaction. One can assume that the Administration of Lukashenka was afraid to upset the chief.

Could Lukashenka not know that his words about Musk were shown on TV?

This is quite possible. The fact is that Lukashenka may probably prefer Belarus 1 TV channel. He repeatedly praised anchors and journalists of BT TV channel.

A month ago, while watching the daily news on the channel, he noticed a mistake. On the same evening, the anchorwoman reported about "an important clarification": Lukashenka was going to visit Krupski, not Kopyl district.

Meanwhile, the words of the head of the country about Musk were aired by STV channel.

Public TV channels are almost ironic about Lukashenka's behaviour

Surprisingly, it happens from time to time. Most of the stories about the first person's business trips are very serious, but sometimes the stories turn out to be quite brave.

For example, several months ago, ONT TV channel made an almost ironic video report when the head of the country drove a bus along the Ring Highway to inspect the road and other infrastructures of the capital.

There are a few quotes.

"Reporters were rubbing their hands in anticipation of sensational headlines. Still, the Ring Highway is 60 kilometers long, and no one can predict what the president can draw his attention to".

"Aliaksandr Lukashenka's hand was reaching out to the air conditioner. Given that once such a request to turn on the conditioner ended in a great fiasco in Kupalauski, the bus turned motionless. But this time was everything fine".

"After a couple of kilometers of driving in circle, the sun starts bothering the driver. Aliaksandr Lukashenka wears glasses, and reporters joke that the regional authorities chose the time so that the sun distracted the president from huge garbage mountains near Minsk.

Lukashenka's statements will continue to be the victim of jokes unless there is a brave employee in his administration who decides to tell him the truth.