19 January 2021, Tuesday, 9:20
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The March of Wisdom Took Place in Belarus

The March of Wisdom Took Place in Belarus

Thousands of pensioners went to the center of Minsk.

A traditional march of pensioners took place in Belarus. This time it was called the March of Wisdom.

The website Сharter97.org hosted an online broadcast of the March of Wisdom.

16:26 The March of Wisdom ended in Yakub Kolas Square. The pensioners laid flowers at the monument and dispersed.


16:23 The activist Nina Bahinskaja was presented with a watch with her image.

16:22 The march participants chant "Long Live Belarus" on Yakub Kolas Square.

16:12 The participants of the rally are treated to hot tea and cookies.

16:11 The March of Wisdom is already on Yakub Kolas square.

16:09 This is a stunning poster at a protest in Minsk.

16:06 This is how the March of Wisdom on Independence Avenue looked like from above.

16:03 The protesters are moving towards Yakub Kolas Square. They are given flowers.

16:02 Drivers honk in support of the March, which further moves along the avenue.

15:59 The participants of the March of Wisdom passed Minsk Victory Square.

15:53 A march of pensioners is also taking place in Brest.

15:52 Here is another portion of posters from the March of Wisdom in Minsk.

15:48 The column of the March of Wisdom chants: "Our children are the best!"

15:44 The protesters practically reached Victory Square.


15:32 Students thank pensioners who came out to the March.

15:29 The pensioners now have their own flag!

15:27 Drivers play the song "Changes" for Minsk grandmothers and grandfathers.

15:25 Pensioners demand new elections.

15:23 Girls give flowers to the March participants.

15:19 And here are the pies for grandchildren from grandmothers on the March of Wisdom.

15:13 Pensioners chanted "Shame" to the security forces.

15:10 These are wonderful photos from the wonderful March of Wisdom in Minsk.

15:07 This is how a column of pensioners looks like in Minsk. They go to Victory Square.

15:02 Timelapse from the March of Wisdom in Minsk.

14:55 A March of Pensioners is also taking place in Hrodna.

14:51 Pensioners sent Lukashenka to a paddy wagon.

14:47 The participants of the March chant: "Our will cannot be broken!" and "We believe! We can! We will win!"

14:45 Here is an awesome poster for the March of Wisdom. Even pensioners know who the rat is in our country.

14:42 Pensioners demand the release of political prisoners.

14:39 This is another video that allows to imagine the scale of the action in Minsk.

14:35 The March of Wisdom in photos.

14:34 Just look at how many people came out for the march today!

14:33 The March of Wisdom calls for free elections.