4 December 2020, Friday, 2:16
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Proud Women's March of Professions Takes Place in Minsk (Online)

Proud Women's March of Professions Takes Place in Minsk (Online)

Belarusians are marching in a column along Independence Avenue.

Independent Telegram channels called on Belarusian women to come out on October 24 to participate in the Proud Women's March of Professions.

The Charter97.org website broadcasts the March online.

15:45 At the Maskouska-Venski shopping center on Independence Avenue, the girls - participants in the protest march - decided to disperse. They shout: "See you tomorrow!"

15:35 The column is moving at a brisk pace. The girls passed Yakub Kolas Square, without stopping at it, and went on.

15:26 The participants of the March turned around near the cinema October and are moving towards Yakub Kolas Square.

15:20 Now Marsh looks like this. The photo is from Nasha Niva.

15:11 Women chant: "One for all - and all for one."

15:10 The column approaches the Academy of Sciences metro station.

15:09 These are bright photos from the March from the Belsat TV channel.

15:06 The Women's March has already reached Yakub Kolas Square.

15:03 The March participants are chanting: "We are walking through the puddles, we don't need Sasha!"

15:01 Here is the Women's March in vivid shots from Radio Svaboda.

14:54 A column of protesters is moving along Independence Avenue. The participants are chanting: "Get out, you and your AMAP!"

14:49 The women's March reached Victory Square.

14:49 "Students are our pride!" The women chant.

14:45 These are the beautiful faces of the Belarusian protest. There are more photos from the Women's March.

14:41 "Go away, motormouth!" - here are some other posters brought by women to the March.

14:40 A very beautiful and creative participant of the Women's March came with her poster.

14:39 There are already about a thousand protesters in the column.

14:36 From the windows, MSLU students greet women with national flags.

14:34 A column of women is walking near the Minsk State Linguistic University and chanting: "Strike!"

14:31 There are more and more participants in the Women's March!

14:28 It's raining in Minsk, but the Women's March participants still gather in the city center on Bolivar Square.