4 December 2020, Friday, 20:33
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Riot Police of Low Value

Riot Police of Low Value
Iryna Khalip

They have nothing else to sell except their coworkers.

Chastener, remember: your value is low. To expose you is a matter of hours, if not minutes. You should know it. Think about it, even if you have never done it before.

The Belarusians did not need any funds, no coordinators or applications. No bureaucracy. On the night, when the riot police freak broke into an apartment on Orlovskaya Street, a person from the Internet communities promised $200 for the personal data of this freak just five minutes after the video captured in that apartment. Another added a hundred, the third - two hundred, the fourth - three. And a couple more people joined. In twenty minutes, the sums equalled to 1400 dollars. Three hours later, the name, surname, cell phone, profile on social networks and the data of the wife of the riot policeman already were available on the Internet. After all, those who stood in the coupling against Belarusians, beat people up, intimidated children, and had a fish eye after the protest, let that person down. They might have called each other bro or some other sentimental nonsense.

Now we know this selfless partnership, military friendship, workshop solidarity is worth 1400 dollars. However, it's too high. As people's reaction to that massacre on Orlovskaya Street was quick and furious. Nevertheless, I believe if the first offer of 200 dollars had been final, Talarenok would have been revealed for two hundred dollars. The amount is not so important for them.

Indeed, where can a riot policeman spend the money? For vodka and kebabs in the countryside. He has no dreams of Florence, after all. They have enough money to throw a party. The cherry on a cake is in the countryside. However, now this dream is too dangerous - Balaba had one, but it .disappeared. It burned down for some reason. Even an apartment, riot policemen long for, does not meet the formula "my home is my fortress". The walls of Balaba's house were painted, specifying the apartment the chastener lives. The same fate awaits each of them. It is safe to stay in a dormitory in Uruchye. However, it is not clear how to spend the money received for the hand-over of personal data of a comrade to the interested parties. However, this is not done for the sake of future spending.

I remember the summer of 2011 when I was released from custody and called my cellmate's husband. Lena had been in detention for almost a year. I told her husband everything I knew about her criminal case. He said he had read the case. He bought a flash drive with all the materials for three thousand dollars.

Of course, the investigator cost more than a riot policeman. After all, the number of people involved in the case was great - the officers who "worked" with the cellmate, the prosecutors who extended her detention, as well as government officials who testified against her (these were protocols with addresses and phone numbers). In other words, a great database leaked from the KGB for three thousand dollars.

The thing is that greed and corruption form their genetic code. The KGB officer trades in criminal cases, not because of the lack of money for essentials; he is just greedy and corrupt. Without hesitation, a riot policeman will tell everyone the name and address of a colleague because it is natural for him to betray and sell. There is nothing else to sell but his friends. So, friends and comrades quickly turn into a commodity. It's quite a cheap one. That night generous Belarusians raised a hatful of money in a few minutes, but even if they offered ten times less - another chastener would willingly share information. And they do. Soon they will be elbowing each other with sticks to be the first to sell the information and get a couple of banknotes to throw a party.

It's great that all of them have neither principles nor knowledge about anything. It is no longer necessary to hack into databases and remove the masks with the help of computer programs: they themselves will come and tear off each other masks gladly. We just have to wait a bit.

Chastener, remember: your value is low. However, you still have a chance as the lists are not compiled. Hurry up and let down your colleague before he is not the first to do the same.

Iryna Khalip, especially for Charter97.org