24 September 2021, Friday, 11:18
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Hot And Cold Water Appeared In Houses Of Novaya Baravaya

Hot And Cold Water Appeared In Houses Of Novaya Baravaya

However, the locals do not dare to drink it.

Hot and cold water appeared in the houses of Novaya Baravaya in Minsk. This information was confirmed by local residents.

- It appeared around 4 a.m. So far we do not risk drinking it, we wait, but we are grateful, - residents of one of the apartments confirmed the information from local chats.

There was no water in the protest Minsk micro-district of Novaya Baravaya for three days. On Tuesday, the school did not work there because of this; the residents were carrying water in bottles and buckets. In addition, heating was off in some houses yesterday morning. The residents consider all this to be the revenge of the authorities for the protest moods in the district.

We remind that from the very beginning of the election campaign the district became the epicenter of protests; after the elections district residents were actively hanging out white-red-white flags.

By the way, not indifferent Minsk residents created a chat room, where they offered all kinds of assistance to the NB residents - from an invitation to have a bath to a place to spend the night for a few days.