22 January 2021, Friday, 17:52
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Food Prices Are Going Up

Food Prices Are Going Up

What has risen in price the most?

Food prices are going up. In November, a grocery set rose in price in all three stores where journalists track prices. Moreover, the cost has grown not by a penny, but by rubles. Tut.by looked at how and why the price of the grocery set changed and calculated the personal "inflation" for November.

The journalists decided to see how the price for a certain set of products for a particular buyer would rise in a year. Every month from the 20th to the 25th, journalists fix prices for the same sour cream, milk, cereals, meat, etc. in three stores - a small store nearby, a supermarket, and a hypermarket, we compare them month to month and calculate personal inflation. The choice fell on these products because they are available in all three stores. If any of the monitored items disappear from the shelves during the year, journalists replace it with a similar product - the same weight, fat content, and so on. When calculating, journalists take into account the reduction in prices for necessary products due to discounts and promotions.

The seasonal factor continues to affect the cost of the food set since almost a third of the items in it are vegetables and fruits. In some cases, tomatoes and cucumbers have risen significantly. The prices for potatoes, onions, apples, etc. have also changed, but not everywhere upwards. Prices for meat products also went up: boiled sausage went up in two stores.

In November, the Association of Trade Chains predicted a rise in the price of Russian imports, in particular of the grocery group of goods.

New prices have been formed for the new crop. In Russia, they rose in the first half of October. Goods from fresh deliveries should also rise in price. Buckwheat rose in price from the journalists' basket by 10 kopecks only in one store. Rice costs as much as it did. But the same product from other manufacturers actually went up a little, within 15 kopecks. Sellers in the store said that rice and buckwheat of some brands have not yet risen in price because they are still from old supplies.

The cheapest food set was still in the supermarket. There, journalists would have paid 58.81 rubles for him. A month earlier, it would have cost 3.14 rubles less - 55.67 rubles. Tomatoes, potatoes, boiled sausage, mackerel, chicken, and pork have risen in price here.

A convenience store took second place in terms of the high cost of the grocery set. There, food costs 62.9 rubles. In November, it was 60.21, 2.69 rubles cheaper. Here, the rise in value was influenced by the rise in prices for apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, chicken drumsticks, and other products. There are positions that have fallen in price.

The most expensive products were again in the hypermarket - 64.11 rubles. This is 1.60 rubles more than in November. Then the grocery basket cost 62.51 rubles. Here, cucumbers, potatoes, and boiled sausage contributed the most to the increase in value.