27 October 2020, Tuesday, 18:25
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To Save Belarus From Freezing, We Need To Change ‘Stoker’

To Save Belarus From Freezing, We Need To Change ‘Stoker’

The “argy-bargy” in Sochi, and the list of the travel banned in Vitsebsk.

“Perhaps the only thing in the political news that I never monitor is the Putin-Lukashenka meetings. I mean, it’s in no way interesting and simply useless,” leader of the European Belarus civil campaign, presidential candidate in the 2010 elections Andrei Sannikov wrote on Facebook.

“In my opinion, these two have invented a new genre - “close to news”.

Actual information about their meetings may only be leaked to the media after some time, or it may not be leaked. However, they deliver just tons of banana oil into the ears of viewers, listeners and news readers.

Indeed, when Putin and Lukashenka meet, these are not interstate negotiations, but “argy-bargy”. These are not the state leaders who over the past 20 years at least have honestly held elections, but the chieftains of the organized crime groups, who were allowed to take power by mistake. This is the only way it should be reckoned.

And it has never happened that Mahiliou and Tambov gangsters, having set the time, failed to agree.

So another case when they set the time was in Sochi.

I had to follow the news because I was asked to comment on the merits of the course of the “negotiations”. I tried to refuse, like, what’s the point, there wouldn’t be any merits, and in response I heard reproaches that the fate of the Belarusian people, which could freeze because of the lack of oil, didn’t bother me. It’s not true, I am very concerned about the people, and I know for sure that needs to be done to save the people from freezing.

Not negotiations with Putin.

it is necessary to change the stoker in Belarus.

Okay, I began to poke my fingers on the keyboard, trying to track news and information.

First I poked at analysts. There was some sort of a Boer war against the British - on the one hand, or a battle with the Ottoman Empire for the liberation of younger brothers - on the other. Once again I wondered how cleverly people do analytics out of thin air.

i tried news feeds and sighed with relief.

“Close to news” in all their glory. What did we learn about the meeting of supposedly heads of states?

And here's what: about the thickness of the snow cover at different heights in Krasnaya Polyana, about porridge on the water, about the non-flying weather in Moscow and Sochi, about the hockey uniform of the dictators.

That is some information for reflection for a few more weeks, if not months. Reflections on nothing. The banal humor of two low-lives will be quoted by all central media. This is how it goes out there.

And for some reason, not a single media wrote that there are two inadequate dictators, one of them with nuclear missiles, and the second with the help of the first builds an atomic bomb on the border of Europe.

No one wrote that there are two tyrants who can do a whole hell of trouble in their countries and beyond.

No one told what schemes and kickbacks were discussed by the “high contracting parties”, and how this threatens the peoples of Belarus and Russia.

All the “pools” and “close to pools” journalists enthusiastically broadcast “close to news” from the masters of this genre - Putin and Lukashenka.

And yet there was some real news on this day. Not from Sochi, but in the general vein of what is happening in the relations between Russia, Belarus and the West. Having met in Vitsebsk, the cops of both countries agreed by March 1 to finally agree on the common list of the travel banned. The owners in Sochi will like it.

Say hi to Pompeo!”