28 March 2020, Saturday, 20:37
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Mazyr Resident To Authorities: Do You Find Potemkin Village More Interesting?

Mazyr Resident To Authorities: Do You Find Potemkin Village More Interesting?

It's high time for the officials to talk to the common people.

The Basta! telegram channel publishes a letter from a Mazyr reader.

- The other day the Mazyr Oil Refinery organized a press tour for its guests - journalists of the local, regional and national media. General Director Vital Paulau was long and cheerfully informing those invited about the success, profit and opening of new production lines. Some journalists also wanted to talk to the common workers, but it didn’t go off, as they say.

The Mazyr Oil Refinery employees were carefully hidden from the guests, and only the ideology-tested employees were left "on the spot", they were only signifying their consent with the "general" with nods. The rest were removed so that they wouldn't spoil the overall picture with their unprepared questions and answers.

And there was something to tell about. For example, about the state of equipment and machinery. Last October - a service bus on the territory turned over, a worker died. Why? Does anyone want to know? As well as the fact that no one cares about both the technical inspection of service vehicles and the degree of wear?

And also, is it not interesting how many cripples appeared because of injuries in the workplace last year? And the specialist's "suicide" a couple of years ago?

Or maybe it's a good idea to tell about the salary and the fact that now, after the conflict with Russia, the plant has been staying idle for half a week? About sending workers to vacation "at their own expense" and cutting bonuses?

Come to Mazyr, talk to the common people, not to those "nodding" ones and not to the officials. You will find out a lot of interesting things. Or go you find the Potemkin village more interesting?