5 April 2020, Sunday, 3:37
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‘In Zhytrkavichy, They Haven’t Even Done X-Ray In Whole Week!’

‘In Zhytrkavichy, They Haven’t Even Done X-Ray In Whole Week!’

New details of the infection of a woman from the Homel region.

A 58-year-old resident of Zhytkavichy was diagnosed with coronavirus. “Before that, she was on sick leave for a week. During this time, even an X-ray of the lungs was not taken. She lost consciousness on Saturday when she was leaving the therapist’s office. She was put in the intensive care,” said the niece of a resident of the district center.

The niece is studying in Minsk. On Sunday, March 22, she was driving from Zhytkavichy to the studies in Minsk by car, Radio Svaboda informs.

“My mother called and reported that my aunt was diagnosed with the coronavirus. We visited her at the hospital on Saturday.

My aunt was sick for a week, had a dry cough, breathing difficulties, she was diagnosed with an acute respiratory viral infection. She didn’t get any better. On Saturday, she went to another appointment with the therapist at the clinic, complaining of weakness. The doctor said: “Well, what do you want, you are ill.”

After the visit to the therapist, she lost consciousness.

She was put in the intensive care, and diagnosed with pneumonia,” said the niece.

The girl, as she arrived in Minsk, called an ambulance herself. She was taken to the 6th city hospital. “They took all the necessary tests, I’m waiting for the results,” the niece added.

Her mother and other relatives in contact with the woman are now in the infectious diseases unit of the Zhytkavichy district hospital. Other “contacts” were sent to the Homel infectious diseases hospital.

The niece added that the children of the sick woman only today received a call from the Zhytkavichy clinic and were offered to take a smear. “They (local doctors - edit.) did not even know that they were hospitalized in Homel yesterday!”, the girl was indignant.

As it became known to journalists, the sick woman is 58 years old, lives in Zhytkavichy, works at one of the enterprises as the head of the personnel department.

At the enterprise, reporters were told that they had been sanitizing all the factory for three days, and since Monday, doctors have been monitoring the temperature of employees.

According to the employer, the woman has not traveled abroad recently.

Now doctors are figuring out how a woman could have the new virus.

“The woman is not on the artificial lung ventilation apparatus, she is conscious,” BelaPAN was told by Mikalai Kudzianchuk, head of the General Directorate of Health at the Homel Regional Executive Committee.

According to him, the woman’s relatives, as well as all who contacted her — 42 people, including employees of the Zhytkavichy hospital, have been quarantined in the hospitals of Homel and Zhytkavichy.