30 May 2020, Saturday, 11:24
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"Hospitals Are Full, People Are Lying In Corridors"

"Hospitals Are Full, People Are Lying In Corridors"

Doctors in town do not have enough masks and other means of protection.

A resident of Vitsebsk, Sviatlana Navelskaya, published a video in which she described the current situation in the streets and hospitals of the regional center. The press service of the European Belarus civil campaign quotes the text of the video.

- It's daytime, walking down the street, we seethat there are very few people, - she says. - Very few people, despite the fact that the weather is fine. Every third person is wearing a mask. As for shops, people are almost all wearing masks. The shopkeepers are wearing masks. Some are working with gloves on. People also wear gloves in the shops. They do not put food in the grocery basket, but directly in their bags so that they have less contact with food, surfaces and so on. Many people carry all sorts of sprays and hand sanitizers with which they process their hands. There are a lot of cars in the yards, it's all understandable. People are trying to isolate themselves, to sit at home more. Visit public places less.

However, I would like to say something about enterprises, factories of our city. They work as usual. Not a single enterprise has been subject to quarantine to date. And people go to work, some of them, of course, switch to 4 days, but it seems to me that this does not change the essence of the matter. Four days are enough when people communicate with each other and have contact with each other. As for the factories - I know that some people of retirement age, who work, are transferred to domestic, remote work.

Besides, people at many enterprises, banks, shops, pharmacies work in masks, someone works with gloves on. And it is good that people try to protect themselves somehow.

Whether a mask will help or not is up to everyone to decide. But something is better than nothing at all. I also have to say, pay attention to hospitals, clinics. Everyone is under quarantine. That is it is practically impossible to get to the hospital, even to pass a care package for a patient. There are guards everywhere and in some hospitals in our city - policemen, who also monitor the regime, so that no one else would enter the hospital. There is a basket, in which people put their care packages for specific patients.

There are people among my acquaintances, friends, who are now in hospitals diagnosed with pneumonia. With one-sided , double pneumonia. Which develops very rapidly. In the morning, the person feels good, his fever rises in the evening. First it's 37.5, then it reaches 40. A man can't bring down the temperature on his own. He has to call an ambulance. Naturally, the ambulance takes him straight to the hospital. That is, it doesn't leave him at home.

Hospitals are full and crowded. There are people lying in the corridors. One of my acquaintances says he was admitted, the department was full, but nevertheless they placed him in the ward.

I'd like to go straight to the doctors, medical attendants, and nurses. We bow down before them. The work they do is worth a lot. Although I know, the guys I used to work with in hospitals say, that there are very few masks, very few suits for self-defense.