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Doctor Nosau: Data Of Doctors And Health Ministry Considerably Diverge

Doctor Nosau: Data Of Doctors And Health Ministry Considerably Diverge

The Belarusian authorities falsify statistics on the coronavirus.

Aliaksei Nosau was born in Belarus and graduated from the Belarusian State Medical University in Minsk. He now works as a traumatologist in the hospital of the municipality of Manises in the Spanish province of Valencia. Aliaksei communicates a lot with his colleagues from Belarus, and has told the “Countdown” Youtube channel a lot of details about the situation with the coronavirus, which he himself had recently had, writes the “Basta!” Telegram channel.

“I have friends not only in the medical environment, whom I have known for generations, because I studied with them, there are common medical chats. We exchange information almost always online. They work in the admissions departments, in the intensive care, directly in city hospitals, I get information from there,” says Aliaksei Nosau.

According to the doctor, the Belarusian authorities significantly underestimate the real number of the infected and dead from coronavirus.

“The numbers are underestimated, distorted, the balance is really broken,” he says. “The number of recovering people is overestimated. The number of the infected and dead, which my colleagues from Belarus, doctors say, does not reflect the situation that I read in the official sources at all. The information is deliberately falsified. The falsification goes directly from the very top. By orders, pressure, intimidation.

The colleagues say that many people die of this. It’s just, right at the leadership level - from the head of the hospital or the department head to the Chief of Medicine - everyone is pushing, saying: “You must not, don’t do this, don’t make this diagnosis.” This is all reflected, people cry, they say: “I understand, in principle, but people don’t know what is really going on here.”

See the full conversation with Aliaksei Nosau in the video:

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