26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:52
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COVID-19 in Brest Region: Infection Spreads to Villages and Agrarian Settlements

COVID-19 in Brest Region: Infection Spreads to Villages and Agrarian Settlements

New outbreaks of infection.

Readers report new cases of Covid-19 in settlements of Brest region. The infection is spreading to villages and agrarian settlements, reports Basta! Telegram channel.

"Ivatsevichy district, Kossovo. 17 cases of coronavirus and pneumonia are detected in the local hospital among medical personnel. Both doctors and nurses take it not seriously," says the channel reader.

"Brest region, Kamenets district, Kamenyuki, the tourist center of Belovezha Forest. People come here as nothing has happened. Most of them do not have any PPE. Two employees of the Museum are first-level contacts, but nobody mentions it," reports the channel subscriber.

"Pruzhany, school number No. 3. A student has been attending classes with Covid-19 symptoms for a week; a girl with the same symptoms was taken to hospital. Before that, three students did not attend school last week for unknown reasons. They explained that with disturbance of the general sense of well-being," writes the channel reader.

"Brest, unitary enterprise Gefest. Cases of pneumonia in the department of labour," says the channel subscriber.

"Agrarian settlement Parakhonsk, Pinsk district. The handicraft teacher is tested positive for coronavirus. Yesterday, 90 students were tested. Doctors came to school. Everyone was sent home", writes the reader of the channel.

"Biaroza district, Brest region, the village of Strigin. The graduation class is in isolation. One of the students is positive for Covid-19. His mother's diagnosis was confirmed long ago," reports the channel subscriber.

"Cases of coronavirus are detected in the House of Mercy, located in the village of Imeniny, Kobryn district. As soon as the threat of the pandemic appeared, the management immediately took decisive measures to protect guests and staff. Quarantine was immediately announced," writes the channel reader.

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