12 July 2020, Sunday, 18:41
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Dokshytsy Resident To Lukashenka: Seventh Term - Only In Prison

Dokshytsy Resident To Lukashenka: Seventh Term - Only In Prison

In recent days, the people have seen that there are a lot of discontent residents in the country.

A Dokshytsy resident has told the press service of the European Belarus civil campaign about the situation in the town, which became one of the largest hotbeds of the Covid-19 epidemic a month ago.

"Today, there are less people wearing protective masks in Dokshytsy, the virus has taken the back seat because of human fatigue, the awareness of the inevitable, - he writes. - But this does not mean that it has been forgotten in the town and the district, people continue to get into the hospital - the only reason to rejoice is that there are not so many of them and not in such a sad state. But this does not mean that the virus is retreating in reality, it backs off only on paper, because no one is interested in the results of tests anymore, the authorities are interested only in statistics, and in the plan that they get from the top authorities under the leadership of the moustache killer, who is completely indifferent to human fate and life! Tests are done for the sake of box-checking, and no one is interested in the result anymore, as there are preassigned figures. If you have recovered - they write "covid", supposedly they have succeeded, if you die - they look for other options, for example, the reason is an acute chronic disease against the background of pneumonia.

At the same time, it is impossible not to notice and not to hear the discussions that take place among the work collectives in the district and the town. Everything is "falling apart", the wages are decreasing against increasing prices and tariffs of housing and communal services, there are no jobs, as well as no decent wages, we have to hack for them for 300-450 rubles. We've already started to buy clothes paying by installments, and we take food in small shops on trust in order to exist somehow.

Nothing is left in the town, they have closed everything they can, and the companies that are breathing a bit, they work as branches and are attached to other districts.

A friend works in one of the construction organizations, the Mobile Mechanical Division-52, the situation is sad there, there are no materials, no money for salaries of people and purchases. Someone is staying at home at his own expense, someone is writing a leave request with subsequent employment termination. They endlessly change managers, who very often do not understand anything in construction, but only duly siphon off whatever is left, our anger is growing, we do not know how to proceed, it is time to change it all.

Our town is small, so you constantly hear from friends and passers-by how unbearable everything has become, everyone has the same agenda - the burden of life.

We do not mind to work, but there are no jobs, and it has become harder to leave. The borders are closed, the civilized world looks at Belarusians as if they are lepers. The people would like to go to Poland to earn money, everyone is talking about it.

The life is good only for the system sycophants, who watch over the regime and tighten the screws on people. The former chairman of the district executive committee, Pinchuk, has shot a man while hunting, and nothing has been done to him, he is still working in the village council, until they find a warmer place for him.

An employee of one of the collective farms also says that there is no life anymore, they work together with their wife, he is a technician, she is a milkmaid, they do not know how to find money for the child's studies. You have to borrow 20 rubles, but what is 20 rubles today? The soul is tearing apart when you understand that you can't take care of your children, let alone yourself.

Thankfully, at least we have our own cattle, that's what keeps us going.

Only in the last days, when people saw how many discontented residents we have in the country, how many people were gathering for meetings with presidential candidates, there appeared hope for changes. We cannot let the murderer and tyrant deceive the people and get another five years in power. The seventh term - only in prison."