30 November 2020, Monday, 13:41
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

How We Win

How We Win
Photo: Twitter/@belteanews

Real power is on our side.

One thing is clear in Belarus: Lukashenka is not capable of showing the slightest glimpse of sanity, at least for the sake of his own safety. A man who used to think he's the most cunning, truly believes he will once again declare himself a nationwide favorite.

He also believes that everyone around him is devoted and ready to lay down their heads for a scared and pitiful in his fear intruder.

No way!

Even his guards are not idiots. There is a joke about a Belarusian partisan, who was forced to join the Party before the fight, and he wrote in a statement: "If I die, take me as a Communist, if not - then do not!"

They see what the people want and who possesses real power.

Lukashenka and his accomplice Yermoshyna will follow the same old scenario: there will be no vote counting, no matter you control it or not. There will be another blatant attempted fraud.

However, people have already spoken out, the citizens of Belarus have already voted.

Moreover, the whole world is watching the results of this popular plebiscite. Belarus has repeatedly dominated news headlines, appeared on the front pages of the world's leading publications, news editions of CNN and BBC.

Sometimes the news was sad, but this time the world has a different view on us: it's filled with hope, faith in the people of Belarus, admiration.

The whole world is also amazed by our ingenuity. They say that French women can make a salad and a hat out of anything. It's easy enough: one just needs some fantasy and taste. However, Belarusians can turn every routine into a protest: applause, walks, songs on balconies, lines, fun riding bicycles in the evening, live figures made by phone flashlights, clearly visible from quadrocopters over them, and in fact, clearly visible even from outer space.

The scared silent plotters and confused police help capture the scale of the protests. By order of their superiors, they are ready to declare old ladies who sell berries as Lukashenka's enemies. They will be right.

Tens of thousands of citizens have already taken to the streets and squares of Belarusian towns and villages demanding a change of power. In the coming days, hundreds of thousands will be on the streets.

There is little time left to welcome the new Belarus. Starting from August 9, when those who support the voting and the boycott will leave their houses in a good mood, believing in themselves, their friends, their country, the citizens of our country, wherever they are, whatever ranks they have.

The following thing will happen:

- 500,000 peaceful citizens of Belarus will appear in streets, squares, parks, stadiums, pedestrian zones of cities on the day of voting, 9 August 2020;

- 10 August 2020, from morning to evening, there will be 1 million people representing the whole of Belarus, the new Belarus;

- finally, on the following days - 2 million (maybe more) support the changes.

Then we will be able to say what a beautiful August we meet this year. The weather was wonderful. The rain was warm and the wind was friendly. And people... What magnificent people live in Belarus!

Long Live Belarus!

Andrei Sannikov, coordinator of the European Belarus civil campaign, especially for Charter97.org