9 August 2020, Sunday, 3:12
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Atlant Employee: Surprises May Await Sasha Here

Atlant Employee: Surprises May Await Sasha Here

The company is preparing for the arrival of "three percent".

Nobody's clinging to work, so surprises may await Sasha. "Atlant" is preparing for the arrival of "three percent," the "Basta!" telegram channel reports.

"Sasha is going to come to Minsk "Atlant" on July 10, - the company employee writes. - The patient's paranoia is progressing, he's afraid even of his own shadow. There is no other way to explain what is happening here.

There has been such a panic for the last two days, that everyone is just amazed. A special team "in civilian clothes" arrived, they checked the premises for... the presence of inscriptions against Lukashenka. All the workers are assigned to the places where they should be, most of them have been told not to appear at work on the zero day at all. Their place will be taken by "specially trained people".

Naturally, no questions, no masks, no hints of dissatisfaction - dismissal at once. Another thing is that no one clings to the job, so surprises may await Sasha".

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